Friday, January 1, 2010

Its all a bunch of numbers

59 is the number of doctor appointments in 2090. In 2008, I think I had 70 something so the number is reduced but if you think that 2008 also included radiation trips, it is actually going in the wrong direction.

2 is the number of minutes that I missed New Years by last night. My back hurt a lot yesterday because I fell in the snow and I was in my pjs at 4 pm and asleep by 7. Then my husband came up at 12:02 and woke me while getting into bed so I missed watching the ball drop.

20 is the number of pounds I want to lose this year.

But it is all numbers which I can easily ignore this morning. It is 2010 and here's some optimism for a healthy year because I'm due for one.

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Ann said...

Happy New Year!

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