Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A long day

I no longer have the ability to last for a whole day without getting tired. I had a long day yesterday and then was exhausted as a result. I went to my radiation oncologist for a follow up at 830 (she said I was doing fine and see me in six months - yippee!). Then I tried to go to the gym but there were no parking places so I came home and dragged Walter out on a walk before going to work for the afternoon. It wasn't that long a walk. Work was chaotic because there was a power outage which meant we had ceiling lights and phones due to the generator but no computers or classroom lights. And the damn phone wouldn't stop wringing. But I got to leave and rush off to my ankle MRI - which was running 30 minutes behind and I didn't get home until nearly 7. I was exhausted. I heated up chili for dinner and went to bed at 9 pm. Now I have nothing against going to bed early, in fact I do it often. But its not often that I am flat out exhausted by that time and fall asleep immediately. Grrr! This morning I am okay but have three more long days in front of me. Triple Grr!

Yesterday was not as smooth as it could have been. First of all was the weight issue. (I'm not telling.) I got up and weighed myself as I do periodically and was gratified to see that the scale is actually going in the right direction. But then they weighed me at the doctor's office - on this really old scale. It said five pounds more than I was at home - which I pointed out to the nurse in hopes that she would write down my number and not her's - to no avail. When I arrived to my MRI, they asked twice what I weigh. I hate writing down what I weigh - mostly because I hate the damn number. The first time I wrote down what I had hoped the scale would say yesterday morning. The second time I left it blank so they could figure it out if they really need to. My personal little rebellion. Cancer treatment makes you fat. And back pain medication makes you fat. That's all I'll say about it.

The other issue was the list of medications issue. I always keep it on my computer and print it out before medical appointments and sometimes they ask me if I have it with me but usually they don't. I have had the same list in my purse for a couple of weeks. Well yesterday morning they asked me for it and I gave them my list. Then at my MRI, they wanted a copy of my list so I was supposed to REMEMBER it! What were they thinking? I don't know. So I made it up. Well, I did try to be truthful but frankly there are so many things on it and I don't remember the doses of everything. So I left a bunch of blanks and guestimated the rest.

Today I have to get moving to get to work so I can come home when its light out and drag Walter out on a walk. (But I could use a morning nap.)

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BaldyLocks said...

That is a long day, I would never have made it. I can relate to the cancer treatment weight issue. It's not that bad but it's frustrating! I lost 15lbs of it in the summer and gained it back with the last few months of being unwell. Now I'm back at the gym giving it another go but the stupid scale says I'm still gaining! ARRGH!

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