Thursday, April 29, 2010

In defense of pillows - or why I require 5 on my side of the bed (minimum)

I can easily blame a bad night's sleep on any number of things: back pain, ankle pain, mysterious undefined pain that I just know is there, mind racing due to work stress, mind stressing due to medical issues, playing the 'what if' game (as in what if there is more cancer somewhere lurking), etc. Or I can take the easy route and say I didn't have enough pillows.

I like to have somewhere around five king size down pillows on my side of the bed. I need one to put behind my knees. I need three or four to prop up my head and upper body properly. I need one for the cat to sit on (or he sits on me). My husband, for the record, uses two standard size foam pillows and laughs at me and my peculiarities.

This morning I am up early due to lack of pillows. I need at least three more. I will attempt to rectify this situation. Otherwise, I'll just be crabby from lack of sleep.


Judie said...

I'm in total sympathy. I need three myself - back issues also. And I'm blessed with hormones for my racing mind. I didn't get to sleep until 3 am and woke up at six. Sigh. And I have to do a full day's work, pick up Samantha in rush hour traffic and probably pouring rain. Oh, and a meeting with my supervisor who doesn't like me personally and is the sort of person who notices things that I do wrong rather than things that I do right. She is that way with everyone but particularly with me. Ugh.

Debby said...

My husband makes fun of me because I use two.

Anonymous said...

WHY is there snow on your tulips?? Did you get snow in your neighborhood this week?? We only got rain here in Camb. Robin

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