Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Something is missing

Monday I went to my new job and a walk with a friend. Yesterday I went to work all day. Today I am going to work all day. Tomorrow I need to work a good part of the day and get ready to go away for the weekend. Friday I have to be ready to leave here at noon. I feel kind of busy this week as I have to integrate my new job into my schedule but was thinking that something is missing. What is it? What's missing? NO DOCTOR APPOINTMENTS this week.

I have already had 21 appointments so far this year. This is the first week since Christmas week that I do not have a doctor appointment. Several of the weeks I actually had more than one, maybe two or three. But this week I have none. Next week I have one. The week after I have one. The week after we are on vacation. The week after I have EIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I guess it all averages out. But I am going to enjoy this week while I can. Today is going to be 80 degrees. I will go to work early and leave by 330 and go for a walk in the sunshine.

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Dee said...

Lucky you! To have one full week without appointments! Congratulations - and enjoy!

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