Monday, April 12, 2010

Monday morning

Its Monday morning and another week. I did enjoy last week without a doctor appointment and had a nice weekend away. However today its back to reality. Back to my diet. I know I have an appointment this week - too bad I can't remember when it is. I also have a meeting one night this week - I think its Wednesday. Perhaps I need to get a little organized. But that can wait a little. I need to finish waking up.

I am exhausted even though I did sleep pretty well last night. The cat snuggled up against me all night. I think that he did miss me. I think my husband missed me too. I was toying with the idea of changing my schedule and going to work tomorrow but I can't make that decision without looking at my calendar - which is on my other computer. To do that I have to get my lazy butt out of bed and turn it on and then look at my calendar. It might be more productive to just take a shower and start my exercises, which I skipped this weekend. Grr. Time to motivate.

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