Saturday, May 15, 2010

a good night's sleep

Yesterday was a tough day. I was not feeling well - mostly from lack of sleep and lots of back pain. I worked at one job and then met a friend for a walk. I am not sure how I got through that walk but I came home and alternated preparing dinner with sitting on the couch and took a pain pill. Then I went to bed early on top of that.

Last night I made a deal with my husband that he would make sure the (damn) alarm clock would not go off this morning. I actually slept for nearly 10 hours. At one point I woke up to feel the cat walking on me. This means he was hungry. Well, I was sleepy so I played possum and he gave up and went some place else. Sometimes he comes and checks to see if we are awake and will get up and give him food.

Today, so far, so good, but it is only 730 am and I am still lying in bed. I will eventually get up. I am meeting friends for a walk at 10 so I can be lazy for a bit. Because of my crazy schedule this week, I actually have to work from home today for a bit. But thanks to a laptop and wifi, that might happen in the back yard in the lounge chair.

Yesterday while I was at work, I was talking about my upcoming back procedure. One of my coworkers asked if I was nervous about it. I don't know if I am nervous but maybe stressed a bit. I mean the two previous times that I had the diagnostic version of this procedure, they were painful. The first time was actually probably one of the worst medical procedures I have ever been through. This time they claim I will be sedated enough not to feel pain but awake enough to hear them talking. Then I went online and read about the potential side effects and warnings. Now I really don't have the warm fuzzies over this.

I think I'll give up thinking about that until next week and enjoy the nice weekend.


WhiteStone said...

My sympathies on the lymphedema and hope the upcoming back thing goes well and has excellent results for you. Hubby and I are in the same (similar) boat. Our calendar is full of medical appts! Toss in monthly eye appts for his macular eyes and we keep a full schedule!!

Have a blessed and quiet and "normal" weekend.

linda said...

ahhhhhhh. i love sleeping in too. what a luxury.

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