Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Further adventures of being a moron

Yesterday I had a busy day. I was off to a meeting in the morning and decided to make a quick call in my car. So I pulled out my headset and plugged it into my phone. And some how, got it caught over the steering wheel. It was stuck! I don't mean stuck. I mean stuck stuck. I couldn't pull it. I certainly didn't want to drive with it stuck between the steering wheel and the dashboard. I pulled and tugged and tugged and pulled and couldn't get it free. I kept on turning on the wipers and the turn indicator (which certainly added to the effect). The engine was running but I was pulled over to get organized and was really working on trying to figure this out and get it free for several minutes.

Finally I went to plan B: scissors. I cut the cord to my head set and pulled out each half. I was actually concerned at that point that it would be stuck and I would have to go to a gas station to get it taken care of because I didn't want to drive in case it impaired the steering.

Now about driving and talking on the phone. Yes I do it but with a head set. And I am happy to hang up if in traffic or other issues where I need to focus. One car we have is a stick shift and that definitely requires a head set. No excuse for driving, shifting gears, and talking on the phone. I used to work with a woman who would drive, drink coffee, talk on the phone, and shift gears. She said she would steer with her knee. Now that makes me feel safe on the road.

But basically yesterday I was a moron. I couldn't get the cord stuck over the steering wheel again if I tried. I told my husband the story last night and his response was that only I could do something like that.


Debby said...

I've often thought I should write a book: The Dummy's Guide to be a Complete Fool.

Brest Cancer of women said...

Thank you about everything

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