Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Latest update

Yesterday I started my day with my annual physical. Sometimes I wonder if I need an annual physical when I go to so many other doctors but apparently your PCP is supposed to manage your health care and you need to see them if they are going to do this. Anyway, the verdict seems to be that I am still here and doing okay.

Nothing new was uncovered. My vital signs are normal. My weight, while lower than in the past, still has a way to go. I did ask the nurse to pretend it was 20 lbs less than the scale actually read. I'm not sure that she did that but it never hurts to ask.

My vital signs all appear normal. I was told to watch for more cough and head ache issues but otherwise sent for blood tests and told that I should be fine. We did discuss my back, ankle, yucky ultrasound, and lymphedema but those all seem to be under control for now.

I also go the results of last week's chest x-ray which is clean and the results of my bone density scan which is also good. Apparently my taking extra calcium and vitamin D has reversed my osteopenia and put me back into normal ranges (perhaps I should continue to remember to take my vitamins regularly...) Two pieces of good news that make me feel better.

I also straightened out my expensive Femara prescription. It is now switched to the slightly more affordable mail order version. So I feel better, more balanced, and slightly saner.

Today begins my overcommitted 48 hours. I volunteer for an annual conference locally where I need to be there this afternoon from 1-5 or even stay through dinner, and then back tomorrow technically from about 730am - 5. But Walter (luckily not me) has a sigmoidoscopy as a follow up to his surgery on Thursday at 1030 and I want to go with him. I also go back to the lymphedema clinic tomorrow for further evaluation. In addition, I need to get some work done, a friend is bringing me new curtains she hemmed for my bay windows so they need to be cleaned out and the windows cleaned, and I can't remember what else. But I feel over scheduled which leads to crabbiness and stress.

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WhiteStone said...

Oh, I get that crabbiness, too, when I am over-booked. Hope the next couple days work well with no stress.

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