Saturday, May 8, 2010

Well its progress

I survived yesterday. I arrived on time for my mammogram, and changed into a gown, got to sit around for a bit and wait for my turn. Then I got to wait around again. Then they wanted more pictures. Then they finally said you have calcifications we needed to take another look at but they might want me back in six months. But nothing suspicious. Then I changed back into my clothes. Then I was late for my next stop - a bone density test - which was fine - and changed into a gown and pajama pants for the test and then back into my clothes. I managed to squeeze in a quick lunch before my next appointment, so of course they weighed me when I got there.

My oncologist had me change into a gown and thinks I am doing okay and switched me to Femara - so now I just have to see if I have any new side effects. She did send me for a chest x-ray because I told her I have had this nagging little cough off and on. I also told her I have been having headaches and she said she could send me for an MRI to which I said no. I will if they get worse but a brain MRI is where they put a cage over your head during the entire thing. I'll pass for now, thanks. Then I changed back into my clothes and went to see the surgeon who had me change back into a gown. He thinks I'm fine and should come back in a year - and I was done. I changed back into my clothes and headed down for a chest xray where I changed back into a gown. Finally I changed back into my clothes for the last time and I finished at 130...

So yes I have been having head aches and a cough. People who don't have cancer cooties are allowed to have a cough and head aches with no concern. People who have been known to have cancer cooties get all sorts of fun tests just because they have little normal symptoms. But to be realistic, I did get my eyes checked recently and my glasses are fine so its not that. They have been going on for a while but I am happy to wait and see. A chest x-ray is an easy and painless thing that I usually have every year anyway.

So I guess its progress. My official three year cancerversary isn't for a few more weeks so I'm not celebrating anything yet. But I do get to have a big sigh of relief from not finding anything icky. That was five changes of clothes - off and on in all. Next time I am going to skip all the changing clothes business and show up in my pajamas and a robe.


Debby said...

Oh, what the heck. Just go there naked.

Caroline said...

But I would scare people away!