Thursday, February 24, 2011

I don't know who you people are

Cancer coaches are a closed topic on my blog. My blog is about me and what I want to write about. It is my opinion. Feel free to disagree. But do it nicely. And identify yourselves - providing a google profile which was set up the day you complained about my blog. I call you a spammer. And please don't complain about that either because I'm not interested. The line between discussion and spam is fine. You are crossing it. I welcome discourse on my blog. I don't welcome spam and other idiots. You spam me and I'll call you an idiot. I am in a bad mood. I had a bad day/week. You are in my range of vision. Give it a rest or I can block you as well. And I have too many issues in my life to put up with your shit. - I also have been reading CSL for years.

Have a wonderful spam free day!


OCWarrior1026 said...

Hello, Caroline. It's Carly. I promise I come in peace. I just wanted to thank you for posting this. I read all of your posts to this point. What is the point of negatively comment on someone's blog if you disagree... just STOP READING. Good grief. Stay strong, and don't let anyone discourage you from saying how you feel.

recovery said...

Carly is write, if you disagree with a blog, stop reading it. it's not even spam, just pure negativity.

Julie said...

yikes, you're still talking about that!? sorry to hear that it's been a lingering thing. ;/ I can see both sides to the argument but really don't see how it was worthy of such a drawn out discussion if there was one. hope you're feeling good today, Caroline! xoxo