Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Its about the patients stupid.

I don't care about people's politics. The opposition to or support of the new health care law. The whole point of it is to take care of people when they get sick. The judge in Florida who ruled against parts of the law. The politicians who keep speaking out about how it is unconstitutional - frankly it gets very confusing to me. The right is against it because they don't like the president. The left wants to spend more to take care of people but don't think about the budget.

The whole point of the health care reform is to take care of sick people. The whole political thing is getting crazy. I think everyone should take a step back and look at the big picture with no politics or opinions on the president or the Tea Party or Sarah Palin involved.

Why are we reforming health care? To take care of the citizens of the country who can't afford health care. If you are sick, shouldn't you be able to receive health care? Its not just for cases of the sniffles but for the mothers who want a healthy baby or the people who receive a cancer or other disease diagnosis or for the people who are injured in a car accident. These people are citizens of this country and deserve to be taken care of when they need it.

All the politics are blurring the fact that health care reform is needed to take care of people who are dying unnecessarily. I am not even going to get into the fact that insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies are making billions of dollars. Health care providers and patients are being squeezed by the insurance and pharma companies. Doctors are being dictated by insurance companies on what care they can offer their patients.

If you are against the law for what ever reason, do you have any other suggestions on how we can keep people from dying? On how we can stop insurance companies from telling us what care we can receive? If you can afford your health insurance and have a job, you are lucky. What about the millions of Americans who have lost their jobs in the worst economy in decades and as a result they can't afford their health insurance? How are they supposed to keep their children healthy? Suggestions are welcomed.

Its not about politics. Its about the patients, stupid.


nancyspoint said...

Well said. Sadly, the patients do sometimes get lost in the politics.

Cynthia said...

A few years ago, Canadians were asked by our national broadcaster to vote for the greatest Canadians. The winner? Tommy Douglas, the Baptist preacher who envisioned and fought for our universal health care system. He beat out Wayne Gretzky, Terry Fox, Dr. Frederick Banting, Alexander Graham Bell and a host of other influential artists, activists and politicians. First criticized as a communist and radical, he eventually was celebrated for his vision. And for him it was about what was right.

Our system isn't perfect. But here, less are financially ruined by disease. There are some waiting lines, but let me tell you, I didn't have to get in a single line from the time I was diagnosed with cancer.

I don't know if the US can ever get here. It is a much bigger country with more division. But there is hope. Communist to hero? It happened here.

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