Thursday, February 17, 2011


Apparently sometimes when I blog, some people disagree with me. Frankly I don't care if people disagree with me. Here's why:

1. Its my blog and I can write what I want
2. If some one bothers to complain about what I said, I am just happy they read it.

But now here a note to Lori who didn't like my Cancer Coach post and leaves me no way to reply to her directly.

Dear Lori:

I am sorry you didn't agree with me. While you would like to been able to have a cancer coach to help you as a two time breast cancer survivor, you now have as much training and experience as these other cancer coaches are promoting themselves. Or even twice as much. They are often claiming that since they have been through the experience they are able to offer their services. And how does going through cancer a time or two give you experience to help others? Every cancer is different. What is a standard treatment protocol varies from medical center to medical center. What is current now, may be out of date in six months. It takes extensive training and research to keep up on what is up to date.

You compare my statements to saying that I shouldn't pay my oncologists. I don't understand this - oncologists, other medical professionals, and therapists have had clear training and experience and are certified in their areas. Is there a degree in cancer coaching with a certification that I overlooked somewhere?

I don't argue life coaches can provide help to others but life coaches are different than cancer coaches. A life coach helps people figure out what they want to do with their lives usually in their professional life. They often have numerous suggested resources to which they can refer people and help figure out what they want to do. A lot of their work involves open discussions with the client on options and requirements and help them sort out what would be best for them.

You end by saying 'My hope is that perhaps some of you might be a little more open minded about this topic. True coaches are very, very motivated by helping people. There's no reason that they shouldn't be paid for their time and skills.'

Tell me what their skills are based on as cancer coaches and I might pay someone. If having cancer is training, then I should be ready to open a new business. Even if a life coach gets cancer, how are they able to become a cancer coach? A cancer diagnosis is not a school with a diploma.

Maybe I am a little overly sensitive on the subject and there may be some well intentioned people out there but there are lots more slimy snake oil salesmen.

But its my blog and I can write what I want. You will also note, you were out voted 4 to 1 on opinions.

But thanks for reading anyway. Caroline


Rebecca Bany said...

I find blogs entertaining because we all get our own opinion. I think it's great to agree to disagree sometimes. You're right, that's why it's your blog, you can write whatever you want. Sometimes having someone elses perspective helps!

David Emerson said...

I too blog and I believe that debate is the key ingredient to learning. Keep blogging.

David Emerson

Brig said...

You mentioned Crazy Sexy Cancer as a great book. Well guess what, Cris Carr is a Cancer Coach.
Read Suzanne Sommer's book Knockout, to open your eyes to the Alternative Cancer treatment world.
And for an even more mind expanding experience got to
A lot of cancer survivors are looking to making major lifestyle changes to rebuild their immune system after being poisoned and radiated, and to get their health back. Having a coach to help you with making major lifestyle changes is extremely helpful. If you are just taking the drugs and doing what little the doctors tell you, then I guess you don't need a coach. I found the support of a coach and working with a group extremely helpful.
Good luck to you!

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