Friday, October 12, 2012

Metastatic cancer

Ahem, let's not forget those with metastatic cancer as Pinktober does. Tomorrow, October 13, is the designated pink metastatic cancer day. Why only one day?

Metastatic cancer of any kind is the 'BAD' kind. The kind that is whispered about. It doesn't get awareness, pinkification, walks, cheeriness, and all that.

Metastatic cancer is what really needs a cure. Its is the kind of cancer that has started to move around your body, affecting organs, bone, and even brain.

Right now with metastatic cancer you are in a holding pattern for life. Actually, for your life.

The cheeriness that comes along with pinkificiation is a slap in the face to women with stage IV breast cancer. What are the words that pinkification is supposed to identify - prevention, cure, survivorship, awareness? There is no cure for metastatic cancer. There is no survivorship involved - there is no way out. There is no awareness of metastatic cancer.

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