Saturday, October 13, 2012

Staging thyroid cancer

What is one of the most important things in your cancer diagnosis? The staging. So what if they changed the staging protocol Hmmm... What would you think of that?

Its a conspiracy by the evil ''THEM" if they can't kill us off, they can just confuse us.

But back to the staging of thyroid cancer. It used to be if you were under age 45 and had papillary thyroid cancer (the most common kind), you were stage I unless you had mets and then you were stage II. If you were over 45, they used the TNM system with Stages I-IV. I was under 45 so I was stage I. If I had been over 45 I would have been Stage III.

Now some research has been done (because we always need more research) and they think being age 45 has no significance. They say there is no real drop off in survival rates from ages 45-64 or even 74.

But what they do not tell me is am I still stage I and they are just raising the age limit to 64. Or am I stage III because they put us all in the other category. I am confused.

This is only being done to confuse us. I am sure it is a conspiracy.

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