Sunday, October 14, 2012

No blog post today

Today I have no thoughtful, thought provoking blog post. My mind will not focus which is a really bad thing.

 The big thing I need to do today is to finish my presentation which I am giving on Tuesday. 60-90 minutes on marketing plans, social media, and branding for non profits.

I have known about it since last spring. I started writing it this summer and  had big intentions of finishing it weeks ago but then I volunteered to take part in a panel which required tons of work on my part with some tight deadlines and three days out of town last week.

I was emailed on Thursday asking if my presentation could be ready at their office on Friday morning. That was a no. Now it is due tomorrow morning. It is about 80% done but I have not even done a read through yet to practice the oral part of my presentation.

On the good side it keeps me from thinking about my health which is in its usually precarious state.

Did I say I hate public speaking?

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