Saturday, October 20, 2012

Medical adventures continue

My life is a series of medical adventures. Somehow there is a giant gap in my calendar for the month of December (but don't tell anyone because I might jinx myself here).  But I am sure that will change before then.

Yesterday I went to one of my newer doctors for a conversation, not an exam, to discuss treatment options. I was given a choice of two courses of treatment. One was for a milder program which could take a few months to get going but has fewer long term side effects. The other choice would kick in sooner but had the potential for more side effects. I opted for option one with some steroids to start feeling better sooner.

That was a BAD choice. One of the potential side effects of the steroids is they 'may' cause sleeping problems. Yes they do. We went out last night (and saw Weird Al Yankovic - if you haven't seen him, I recommend him as it was a great show). We didn't get into bed until after 11. I was exhausted and couldn't sleep. I finally did sleep but badly. Guess what? I won't be taking the steroids again and will call my doctor on Monday.

Then I also go back to my back pain doctor for more conversations on Monday. I was supposed to wait another few weeks to see him but he actually had a cancellation for Monday. So that will be two doctor conversations on Monday.

My life really is a series of medical adventures. My calendar is dominated by doctor appointments.

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AnneMarie said...

I'm catching up.... Just really wanted to say hi and let you know I'm catching up. This is how long it has taken me to get my act together.

And, it's still not really under control.... YET. Maybe tomorrow. Or really,Monday... maybe today I'll make a list and chain myself to the desk...

Big hugs.....


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