Monday, November 4, 2013

Keeping the brain alert

Keeping your mind alert is supposed to help with memory and other effects of aging. I hae always been a fan of crosswords and sudoku. Six years ago while I was in chemo a friend told me I needed a hobby (so I would stop calling her so often to whine I think) but she meant well.

I had learned to crochet, knit, sew, and embroider back in elementary school a long time ago.  About 14 years ago I decided to ask my sister in law for help in relearning crocheting as she is very crafty. I started a baby blanket. In chemo it then made sense to try crocheting again. I made scarves for the whole family. Then I added knitting and made scarves for lots of friends. Then I kept knitting.

Now I have millions (not exactly) of scarves and cowls (infinity scarves) to sell. So I started going to craft shows to sell them (so I can buy more yarn).

Now when I go to craft shows I ended up in so much pain that I had to spend the day in bed yesterday. I do feel better but still achy. So I am keeping my brain active but my body may not be able to keep up. Anyone want to buy a scarf?

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