Sunday, November 17, 2013

Off I go

Today is the start of four days of a crazy schedule for me. Its 545 am on a Sunday and I am up and have to leave to a craft show in 1.5 hours. This means I will be carrying things, standing, and being perky all day. I hope to make some money and should be home by 3pm or so. These always exhaust me.

Tomorrow morning I need to get things ready for the cleaning lady (meaning cleaning for the cleaning lady) and leave for the airport around 7am. I am going on a business trip which is full of meetings. I see an airport and a hotel so it doesn't matter where I actually am (which is Dulles). (Note to burglars my husband is not going and he will be backed up by the cat.)

Once I arrive, here is my schedule:
Orientation in the afternoon
Dinner at the hotel
Two hour meeting

Meetings from about 9-5
All meals at the hotel
Group dinner in evening.

Meetings from about 9-2
All meals at the hotel
Rush to airport
430 flight home.

Its actually a very interesting trip and I will share more later. But my concern this year is that my body will not be able to keep up. I get so exhausted so easily. I need so much sleep and rest these days.

But I will grit my teeth and bring lots of pain pills with me.

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