Wednesday, November 27, 2013

You would think I had this under control

I never remember to take my pills. There I said it. Its a combination of being a space shot and well... being a space shot. I remember my morning thyroid pill 99.9% of the time. Its been 32 years so you think I had that one down pat. Then the rest of my day gets complicated.

I have a whole pile of pills that I take at dinner time. 98% of the time that happens as well.

But the rest of them, forget it.

Here are the complicated ones:
  • I am supposed to split up my calcium pills and take one in the morning and one in the evening in the 'pile'. That never happens. I have to take it four hours after my thyroid pill which puts it in the middle of the day. I NEVER remember that one.
  • I am supposed to take a different a Xantac in the morning. Ditto with four hours after my thyroid pill, ditto with NEVER remembering.
  • I am supposed to take pain pills as I need them every four hours or so through the day. Then I am supposed to take one last one just before bed. I am at about 40% on that one.
  • I am supposed to take Lyrica twice a day for my fibromyalgia. I am running about 30% on that one. I really have to figure it out. I can take it an hour after I take my thyroid pill which helps because I usually am still at home. But yesterday I remembered on the way to work, put a note on my phone so I took it at 3 pm when I got home from work. I said I would take the second one just before bed. That didn't happen. I dropped it into the cat's water glass on the bedside table and it was floating there this morning.... (Yes the cat has a water glass because otherwise he would drink out of my water glass.)
I have on of those daily pill boxes and use it. What I think I need is a separate pill box to split up the ones I need to take throughout the day. Damn. I have to do something. I do not have it under control and am not willing to lie to my doctors about it. They can get very pushy which they should.

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