Monday, February 17, 2014

A weekend of eating badly ends

We eat healthy as a rule. We have lots of fruits and vegetables. Breakfast and lunch includes a piece of fruit for both. Dinner always has a green vegetable and salad. We eat fish and chicken. We do all the right things.

This weekend we did not. Friday night for Valentine's Day we had a picnic dinner of cheese, pate, and smoked salmon. I meant to cut up a pear to go with it but forgot. Saturday we met friends for a late lunch at a burger place. I had a grilled chicken sandwich but did eat fries and onion rings. We never had dinner Saturday night because we were too full.

Yesterday we celebrated Valentine's again with a fancy brunch at a restaurant which featured lots of seafood, salads, and the basic breakfasty things. We both felt like we overate again. We didn't have dinner again.

Today we are starting over. We had a nice healthy breakfast - I even had a banana. Lunch will be left over roast chicken something with fruit. Dinner will be left over roast chicken something else with green vegetables and Israeli couscous.

Its amazing how eating too much over all and eating rich food at all can make you feel like crap. I had issues with indigestion all weekend. I didn't feel right. Blach!

I hate to think what all this did to my body.... Never mind fat grams, calories, salt, carbohydrates and more.

But I do not think any of that greatly destroyed my health any further than it already is. And it was kind of nice to eat delicious non-healthy food for a few days.

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