Sunday, February 16, 2014

Being rebellious

We all have the desire to run away and join the circus or drop everything and take the day off for fishing/skiing/golf/shopping. I usually go from required space to required space and not whine too much. My life is focused on these places: my job, my house, the hospital for doctor appointments, and the gym with side trips to the grocery store, see my parents, and occasional other events.

Recently I have been feeling over tied to my house and the hospital. I have been stuck at home because of the weather and car problems. I have been at the hospital too DAMN often recently.

On Tuesday morning I have a doctor appointment - where I break in a new doctor - and on Thursday I have a dentist appointment and get some fillings done. I really do not want to have any medical appointments this week or any time soon. Unfortunately the doctor on Monday should probably turn into additional appointments that will give me some relief in some areas.

Between those appointments and a few other obligations I will squish in my job and hope there are no more DAMN snow storms to keep me stuck at home.

What I really want to do is be irresponsible and do something fun. Today we are going out to a fancy brunch for a belated Valentine's. I feel like all we have done this weekend is eat. Tomorrow we hope to retrieve the car from where it broke down on Friday and have no other plans. My inner rebel allows me to think of irresponsible things to do to get outside.

This may include going to the beach. Yes we just had several snow storms back to back but I really could use a walk on the beach. It is not covered by snow because the tide removes it. But the tides are wrong so I need to rethink that. Or I can take my dilapidated body outside and go snow shoeing which invariably leads to pain and whininess.

My inner rebel is going to get me in some kind of trouble with my self I can tell. I'll rebel and do something I really shouldn't and then pay the price with pain and whininess. But I need to do something!

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