Sunday, October 12, 2014

A plateau

Right now I seem to be at a plateau. My health has not gone too wonky in the past few months. I have nothing looming which should change this. 'Should' is the operative word here as there are no guarantees with life in cancerland. But I am feeling optimistic.

Physically I feel okay, except for my back which is having a procedure in a few weeks which should help with the pain I am having. Okay, well my feet are another story but I have a new pair of shoes which should help.

Emotionally I think I am in a fairly good place as well. Most of my emotional problems are the result of physical problems. My continued physical downward spiral in the last seven years has taken a huge toll on me emotionally. Every year I can look back and think "I could do that last year but this year I can't even think of it". How's that for the fun part of life?

But I feel I am at some nice stable plateau where I can continue with my life and not fall apart anytime soon (I hope). My stress level is down. My fall craft season is looming which will hog all weekends from Veterans Day to Christmas as well as take up a lot of my spare time as I always have something to work on.

I guess this means I am doing all right for now.

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