Friday, October 10, 2014

Stop telling us what we did wrong

So new research (because we always need new research) tells us what we did wrong as teenagers is what caused our breast cancers. Um. Thanks. Not really.

And to put it in simple terms, and I quote, this is what the succinct statement for all of the idiots who allowed us to eat cheeseburgers daily when we were 14:

"If you just go from having red meat once a day to once a week, you can eliminate most of the risk," Farvid said.

And the solution is:

Researchers recommend choosing other forms of protein like nuts, beans, poultry and fish.

And the skinny girls lose out here, they actually had a higher risk of getting breast cancer. You can read the rest of the article here.

These articles are just annoying. They tell us what we did wrong that caused our cancer. Why don't you tell us something we did right. And I was the fat kid so you still haven't answered squat for me.


Los Angeles Hospice Care said...

Nice article! Thanks for writing this

Anonymous said...

This reminds of the post you wrote a while back that listed the causes of cancer -- what percent of cancers were caused by smoking, what percent by this, what percent by that.

What's missing? The fact that we live in a world full of man-made carcinogens! It would be nice if big business was better regulated but let's just keep blaming the victims.

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