Friday, October 31, 2014

But I dont want to!

What the hell is that nurse in Maine thinking? Okay, she went ot Africa and treated patients with Ebola. She came home and was treated horribly and was stuck in an isolation tent in a hospital parking lot. Finally she was allowed to go home. Officials want her to stay in home confinement. Instead she went for a bike ride.

I mean really. She tested negative for Ebola but it can take 21 days to incubate so she still may be infected. She is not cooperating.

She isn't some kind of God who can tell if she has Ebola or not. She is a regular human being with nursing training. Ask the doctor in New York who rode the subway thinking he wouldn't spread Ebola.

Can we please start to be rational about this?

If you are at risk, just returned from treating Ebola patients in West Africa, do you mind cooperating and staying isolated for 21 days to be sure? There aren't a lot of good cures for this disease.
If you are running a fever and you did just return from West Africa, call your doctor for instructions and don't go wandering around the city until you find a crowded emergency room to treat you.

Ebola is a real problem and is on the verge of becoming a disaster. With a little bit of cooperation by all involved, it can more easily be controlled and contained. Grow up, chill out and cooperate, please!

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