Sunday, October 19, 2014

Disillusioned Doctors

There has been a fair amount in the news recently on disillusioned doctors and the 'tell all' books on 'life behind the scenes'. Disillusionment is being deprived on illusions. So what were they expecting?

I guess I mean to doctors go to medical school expecting to save the world? I know the medical world has changed significantly in the recent decades and the focus has changed from caring about patients to caring about insurance costs and paying the hospital administrators. But as their world adapts, the medical professionals need to adapt.

Technology has advanced and made healing patients easier. Patient care now includes concerns with hospital and insurance costs. Its a fact. It doesn't mean its right but it must be worked with and adapted to. I am the first person to decry the weight an insurance company has on choosing my medical care. And I would value change to refocus care on to what the physician wants for the patient as opposed to what insurance will cover.

But I don't want a medical professional who is disillusioned and hating the system, to bad mouth it to me and be cranky. I still want the care where the carers do care. I want the bedside manner. I want the ability to talk and ask questions. I know the staff are rushed but it can be done with a smile instead of a frown.

To correct the system will mean more change so please do not resist the change and be grumpy and disillusioned to me the patient who is in need of care.

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