Saturday, November 1, 2014

Attitudes are everything

Through the medical roller coaster of a cancer person's life, what is the one thing that gets you through it all? Your attitude.

That's easy to say. Some days, my attitude can seriously be slipping. for some silly reason it can be affected by those minor things like pain and distress levels.

So how am I doing? Middle of the road someplace. Exhaustion yesterday which lead me to stay home from my aunt's 80th birthday party. Annoying not-ingrown-but-still-infected toenail that has me on antibiotics and off methotrexate. And if it does not respond to the antibiotics, they will have to cut it open... Ick. And my back is killing me.

But none of this is cancer so I will stick a cheery smile on my face and suck it up while I dream up some yummy dinner that will preoccupy me this afternoon.

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