Saturday, November 29, 2014

Progress in Breast Cancer Treatment Shows in Recurrence Rates

A new study looked at survival of moderate or advanced breast cancer patients between the 1980s and 2000s. During those two decades new treatments and advancements, greatly decreased the recurrence rates.

I read the attached and two areas were of great interest. During that time Herceptin was made available and Her2 positive cancers became much easier to treat. Also, estrogen driven cancers used to have a consistentlyhigh recurrence rate but now it is much lower.

While the rate changes vary, overall the recurrence rate has fallen by 50% in those twenty years. This makes me wonder what can happen in the next twenty years in terms of cancer treatment progress.

While breast cancer is the most common cancer among women, we must not forget about other cancers and their recurrence rates.

But in the meantime, I will call this progress.


rosiecb77 said...

Those of us with triple negative still have a high recurrence rate. We need a targeted treatment before our recurrence rate goes down.

Rumbles said...

Hi Caroline,

You are a strong women. Read your posts and liked them. I recently lost my dad to cancer and have eversince been readoing and writing abt my expereices on cancer. Came across your blog and felt good reading the enries.

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