Sunday, November 2, 2014

Swimming along

With all my physical ailments, numerous well intentioned people have suggested swimming and water aerobics for me. My response is 'um, no'. I don't like swimming. In fact I hate swimming. I hate swimming laps to be specific.

I think this goes back to my childhood (as all strong feelings do). I grew up in a neighborhood with a community swimming pool. Once you passed the swimming test (2 laps, tread water for one minute I think) and were over the ripe old age of 8 or so, you could go to the pool unsupervised by parents all day. (This was the 1960s where children went outside all day long without a leash.)

We would ride our bikes (past the big bad scary dog who would chase us) every day the sun shined to swim and hangout at the pool all day long. We played Marco Polo, dared each other to go down the slide head first, learned water ballet, and generally had fun. We would leave after the ice cream truck came around 3pm and ride our bikes home.

At some point, we were all encouraged to join the swim team. They were encouraging us to channel our energy into lap swimming. We started to swim laps every day, over and over again. The thrill of the pool quickly turned into the boredom of lap swimming. We were then too old to play Marco Polo all day and had all gone down the slide headfirst on our backs. And they made us swim laps.

At summer camp, I even passed junior lifesaving. I learned more water ballet. But they didn't make us swim laps.

To this day,  I don't like swimming laps. I am not a water aerobics person. That would mean being there at a specific time which I can never do because my schedule varies so much.

I do like floating around a nice warm lake or ocean with a little float. I can swim if I want to but rarely feel the urge. And now there is a new study that says it doesn't matter for fibromyalgia if you do land or water based activities. I can just apply that to all my other ailments and can happily avoid swimming laps.

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