Thursday, November 20, 2014

Vacation breasts?

Or even 24 hour breasts? Really? Yes, seriously. This is the latest in the fad for women. What happened to 'love your body the way you are'? Well thanks to this new doctor in New York, you can get 'instabreasts' which last 24 hours for a paltry $2500. Then in a couple of years you can get vacation breasts - that last 2-3 weeks.

Basically they inject silicone under your breasts and make them appear larger. Why, why, why? What about all the women who have had breast cancer and now just want to look and feel normal again?

There is one voice of reason in the video from a man who points out the idea that why are we messing with nature and having these invasive procedures? And if you had them done repeatedly,  would there be any long term implications?

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Unknown said...

I thought silicone injections into the breast went out of fashion about 40 years ago due to health hazards. Isn't this practice illegal?

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