Thursday, November 6, 2014

Healing and methotrexate

These days a little thing can do me in for a few days or even weeks. I have had a cold that started last week and lingered into this week. I assume its the same one as opposed to a new cold (or the flu or Ebola). But I am slowly getting better.

I was a good girl and did not take my methotrexate last week - it compromises my immune system and I am supposed to skip it if even a tiny bit sick. I went to the doctor on Saturday for an infected toe. Not an ingrown toenail but an infection along the side of my toe. I have been on antibiotics since then. So this week I also skipped my methotrexate. Again.

Per my doctors since I have been on MX for so long, a certain level has built up in my system. But if I keep skipping it, how long until my levels start going down and my RA starts acting up?

For now, a little cold can turn into a lot more. I just wish I could get heal like a normal person.

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