Wednesday, November 26, 2014

I failed the unhealthy quiz!

So in my prowls around the internet, I came across a list/quiz of ten signs you are unhealthy. I thought, that MUST describe me. I was so happy to find out it did not describe me. Which means there are plenty of people who are less healthy than me out there. And here are the ten signs:
  1. Your sleep pattern is not what it should be.
  2. You have become an apple
  3. You suffer from fatigue
  4. Your urine is dark yellow
  5. You snore louder and more often
  6. You have to scratch all the time
  7. You get cracks in your lips at the corners.
  8. The quality of your skin is poor.
  9. You always have a cold or the flu.
  10. Your bowels are not regular.
Now I am not claiming that my sleep is perfect or I never get fatigued because I do. The list claims that one of the key reasons for fatigue are thyroid problems but since I don't have a thyroid that is a moot point for me. I also have RA and fibromyalgia which cause fatigue.

I also may not be the skinniest I have ever been but I don't suffer from the rest of these really at all. I also get plenty of exercise (believe it or not I do 60 minutes of cardio 3 times each week followed by weights and stretching).

But I digress. I am not all that healthy but I failed the unhealthy quiz!

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