Saturday, November 22, 2014

There is a huge lesson here for all of us

We all have a lesson to learn here. We need to learn to accept our lives for what they are instead of allowing parts of it to cause us stress or depression.

I have now read this article three times. Learning to Live with It: Becoming stress free.

The more I read it, the more it helps me think of my medically disastrous life. I have continuous problems where my health keeps throwing another disaster my way and I have to learn to cope each one. A cancer diagnosis was one - maybe a touch of PTSD with that? But what about an RA diagnosis? Making life more fun each time.

Every change requires adaptation to survive and learn to readapt to the new parts of your life. But we don't need to change the external forces in our life - whether a bad partner, but learn to change our life to cope in its new version.

But the goal of learning to live with, not necessarily to accept it, but to cope, survive and thrive. That has become my goal now. I will keep reading and maybe learn some more about this. Many lessons here.

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