Sunday, February 22, 2015

Call Me Appalled!

Yesterday was a long complicated day. It ended with me leaving the emergency room of a local hospital I rarely go to around 7pm. (I am fine, a friend needed some stitches). We were there for several hours and saw people coming and going.

As I was leaving, I noticed a woman taking her husband back to the car in a wheelchair. I saw them there when we got there several hours before. Her husband was groaning and in a lot of pain. She was steaming mad. And I don't blame her.

After they were there for hours, they were heading to another hospital as they were just told that hospital does not do surgery on weekends. Could you imagine? Why couldn't they have told them earlier?

I realize it would probably be a doctor to make the decision that he needed surgery but couldn't the triage nurse do anything about it so they were seen sooner before sitting there in obvious pain? I am appalled. I did recommend another hospital to her where I know they do surgery on weekends.

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