Wednesday, February 11, 2015

I am actually very happy to get back to work.

Its been  a tough few weeks here in Massachusetts. We have gotten somewhere around 78" of snow this winter of which 40" since the beginnning of February, and all but 5" since mid January. I only know the details because I just checked today's paper.

That would be the elusive newspaper we have not seen on days with  more than 12" of snow.  I'm not faulting the paper because of the horrible driving conditions we have had as a result of the snow. I just miss reading the paper.

Between the snow that fell and the snow my husband had to pull off the roof in front, this is the view out our front window.
I have no hope of reaching the empty bird feeder before spring and have set up a substitute one on the much lower, but more accessible, lamp post. I keep cleaning out the snow that keeps covering it.

Both of us have had to stay home for two days for each of the last three weeks. I have gotten a lot of knitting done and learned some new patterns. I have gotten caught up on all my shows. I have done a lot more cooking than normal. My husband has gotten to a bunch of different tasks that have been put off.

I have not missed a single doctor appointment - they all seem to be conveniently between storms. I have missed a lot of work. I try to work 15 hours each week for a total of 30 hours paid every two weeks. I am down to 20 hours for the last two pay periods because of the snow days. 

I look forward to going back to work today so I can see other people besides my husband, and my neighbors who I have talked to and commiserated over snow issues. I just need to see other people and socialize a bit. I will also get to the gym for an update of my workout program.

And the forecast calls for an inch more of snow today, another 1-3" Thursday night, and a more significant storm on Saturday night. Instead of hints of melt between storms, we are going below zero. I can't wait.

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