Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Its like being back in chemo

I had no idea until well after I had chemo for breast cancer that chemo drugs are used for treating other illnesses. I have a friend with MS who has had chemo infusions to treat her illness.

Now I am on a chemo drug, Methotrexate, to treat my RA. It is primarily used to treat cancers as well as to treat RA or psoriasis.

I am told to avoid sick people and crowds, watch for infections, eat healthy, and cut back on drinking alcohol. Doesn't that sound like being back in chemo? I think I got these same warnings with chemo infusions.

Now its just an injection once a week. But I also have to take high doses of folic acid to reduce liver damage.

Blah, blah, blah. These warnings just annoy me at this point. My mother was on methotrexate orally for about 20 years. I refuse to live for 20 years and change my life for that long. I want to enjoy my life. I am NOT going to avoid crowds. I never did and I'm not going to now. Call me a rebel.

I really just want my life back. Sigh.

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