Sunday, September 20, 2015

More on change

As part of moving, we are looking at a variety of locations. The biggest requirement is that my husband's commute stays reasonable. Well the first requirement is that we buy a more affordable house. But my husband's commute is the other significant factor.

Originally, I said we need to stay near the hospital where I am treated, relatively easy commute for me to work, stay near the gym I go to (because it is wonderful) and stay near my family members who live locally. Then we realized that as we downsize, my working will become a lesser requirement. And if I don't work, I can take a day each week to spend with family members so that is two things down.

The next issue of being near the wonderful gym I go to for dilapidated people is significant. But I hope if we move too far for it to be easy to get to three times a week, I might be able to find another gym with the right kind of equipment and supplement that with a physical therapist.

Finally, the remaining big issue is finding another hospital. I really don't want to but if necessary I would. I have been a mostly happy patient there for almost 35 years. All my medical records are there. But if it became more than a 45 minute drive, that might become an issue since I go there an average of once a week. I think that would become a last resort but could be under consideration. The bonus is that  it is about 10 minutes from my husband's job so that if he has a good commute chances are it would still be accessible for me.

I have considered if we move further out I might make a point of getting registered at a more local hospital so that the bulk of my medical history and allergies are there in case of an emergency visit. But I am not impressed with what would be the new local hospital's emergency room so that might be off the table.

Grr. I just want the damn move to be over so I can get through the all this packing and un packing.

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