Monday, March 28, 2016

Language Please!

I am not very happy with the language used to describe people who are less than healthy. Just like the mental health community has changed their words to avoid calling people the "R-word", we need to get rid of some other words as well.

I'll start with that awful S-word, the one to describe people with cancer. Ditch it. Please. I didn't survive anything more than a boat load of doctor appointments. And by the way you can get rid of all those war-related ones too. The B-word (battle) is another awful one. Fight? Fighting a cold is okay because I think its a short term inference and I can live with that. Fighting cancer? Not so good.

Next there is another S-word, we'll call it S-word2, or 'Sufferer'. First of all its hard to say. Eat some peanut butter and try to get it out. I suffer from pain, not a disease. And don't call me that word either.

What are good words to use? I can be someone living with cancer, rheumatoid, or fibromyalgia. Or I could be an arthritis patient. But I would really just like to be a person, not a statistic, a number, a survivor, a sufferer, a battler. Just a person.

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