Thursday, March 10, 2016

Wednesdays Are Killing Me! (Or Having Shrinking Activity Limits...)

Yesterday I had big ambitions. I did go to the gym and the grocery store for both our house and my parents. When I go grocery shopping, I shop for both houses and then deliver my parent's groceries to them and bring them to their kitchen where they put them away. (Some how their tangerines ended up at our house this week - I will return them tomorrow.)

Then I came home took a shower and took advantage of the nice weather to lounge around on the deck while I had lunch. I later attacked the brambles but it was a short battle as my back started to hurt so I switched to knitting in front of the TV.

When my husband came home he said he was going for a walk so I went with him for part of it - 10 minutes-ish. I started cooking dinner which evidently was a mistake because at that point my back hurt so much I was having problems standing. I gave up after dinner and went to bed.

Last Wednesday I had similar problems. I went to my therapist, the gym, the grocery store for both houses, my therapist and came home exhausted. I think that's all I did. I don't remember.

The only similarity with the two days are the grocery and the gym on the same day.

The problem is since we moved I now live 20+ minutes away from the gym which is a mile or so away and my parents live on the way back home from there so I combine the trips. Logical? Yes. Within my abilities? I assumed so but I may be wrong.

Next week I will change my Wednesday. I will only go to the gym and the grocery store. I will not do anything else except reading, knitting, watching TV or any other lazy activity. The only other item on my calendar is the cleaning lady is coming. I will make a point to plan of no other exertion for the day.

Yes this is my life these days. My health is impacting my abilities to do things. I really wanted to go walk on the beach this weekend - this means walking along the shoreline a bit. Sitting down to enjoy the view. I used to go and walk for a good hour or more but can't any more. Then we go get clams for lunch.

My husband pointed out (I hate it when he's right) that I can't go to the beach, make dinner for a friend who is coming to spend the night and hang out with her. It would be too much for me and I would be crabby and to tired to have fun. So that is postponed until next weekend so that I can enjoy myself.

In the meantime, when I look at my calendar and try to schedule things, one item a day is all. One of my doctors just tweaked one of my prescriptions and I hope that will help.

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