Sunday, September 4, 2016

My Achy, Achy Back

My back has been very uncooperative recently. Actually its been a real pain, or in a lot of pain. I went to my pain management doctor a while back and he said that my back has been so bad because I haven't had any interventional treatments (a/k/a needles in my back) in a while and its time for another one. That is due for this Thursday.

But in the meantime, my back is giving me lots of grief (to put it nicely). Yesterday and Friday I was walking around hunched over in pain most of the time. My husband even cooked dinner because I was in so much pain.

Last night, I got in bed before 8 PM and took a breakthrough pain pill, an arthritis Tylenol, and a sleeping pill. I didn't wake up until 8 AM and my back feels better.... but not that great. I expect it to act up later today but I am happy with a few mostly pain free hours for now.

I do not expect a massive decrease in pain after Thursday's medical misadventure, but I do expect some improvement. And future needles in my back to help with this.

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