Thursday, September 15, 2016

Pie in the sky!

The lovely smart people at Komen have announced their new goal: To reduce breast cancer death's by 50% in the next decade. Um, this makes me think of the Deadby2020 people. 

Its so logical to to just come up with a great, yet unattainable, goal that makes an awesome headline so you get great publicity to get more donations for this unrealistic idea. 

Its all about the headlines. This is how the PR machines crank out buzz. Seriously. I used to work in marketing and PR and this is what they do. Now the organizations may think they are reasonable goals but if you think about them, they aren't. 

Can an organization decide that they are going to obliterate a disease over a ten year period that has been researched to death (no pun intended) for a very long time? Does that sound logical? No. Or how about another organization decides that they are going to cut the death rate in half from a disease that has been increasing mortality? If something is still rising, how can they just cut it in half? Again, not logical. Or feasible.

I am sure the people at the both Komen and NBC 2020 think they have come up with good ideas. But honestly I am not sure how realistic they are. And if I recall correctly didn't the urge to end breast cancer by 2020 start before 2010 and now they have just over 3 years to go and I haven't seen much progress. Yes I know there have been incremental advances but no solution yet.

These are basically your pie in the sky PR dreams to raise money.

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