Wednesday, October 18, 2017

A Sort of Medical Vacation

I can't drive for the next three weeks - until November 8. I was concerned about all the doctor appointments I booked for myself after this week's surgery follow up when I thought I would be given permission to drive again.

Then I got a bright idea. I am going to take a 'medical vacation' and not go to the doctor until after my next surgical follow up. I mean why not? A mental medical vacation is a great thing to do several times a year. I was talking to a friend who's husband had gone through colon cancer. She talked about having a week off as being a sorely wanted break. I want three weeks off. Because I am whiney. And because I can't get there.

I have found a Lyft driver to get me to physical therapy which starts this Friday (and continues for six to eight weeks). I have arranged a discount rate to fit my budget. But the most important thing about my medical vacation is that I do not need to go to the big 'hospital' any time soon. I can't even drive my father there because I can't drive....

Back when I used to work for a non profit which provided support groups for cancer patients, one of our main features was that our support groups did not require patients to go back to that 'hospital' where all the bad stuff happens - like surgery and diagnosis. There is a huge emotional burden on cancer patients every time they head back to the damn hospital (and it does become a 'damn' hospital pretty quickly).

One day, I was heading for the hospital to go to their evening breast cancer support group. I was hit by a huge wave of emotion that I really did not want to go back there again. I had been there too much. I had too many bad things happen there - two cancer diagnoses. I didn't not want to be there any more than I had to. And no I don't go to that support group any more.

So that was the long way of saying, I am on a medical vacation. I will go to PT three times a week and do my exercises. But I will not go to the doctor - with six or seven appointments in November alone.

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