Monday, October 23, 2017

I Need A Day In Bed

I am exhausted. I have been too busy. I can't keep up with my last few days.

My husband came home from his business trip on Thursday night late. I stayed up to wait for him so I didn't get enough sleep. Friday he took the day off and we went to the grocery store, the library, PT, and more. Friday night my brother and his girlfriend showed up - after I went to bed so I got up and talked to them for a bit. Saturday I had a craft show and we left the house at 7am. I wasn't home until 530 and then we went to my parents for dinner. Sunday I had a craft show and we left the house at 8am. I got home at 5pm. Then we went out to dinner with my family. This morning my husband went to work and I had breakfast with my brother and his girlfriend before they left around 9am.

Now I have a plan for the day:

  • Lie in bed for most of the day
  • Do my PT exercises at least twice today so I can tell them truthfully I have been doing the when I go back tomorrow afternoon.
  • Keep my feet up for most of the day.
  • Catch up on a little bit of paperwork after my craft show
  • Talk to my attorney about my upcoming disability hearing.
  • Not eat any more cannolis until Walter gets home tonight.
I am physically exhausted from being at the craft shows and on my feet too much.So my feet hurt from my RA. 

The problem is I should be tidying up for the cleaning people who are coming tomorrow. I think that won't happen. I think I will do the basics tomorrow morning and go with that. I just don't have the energy.

And I have to prepare for upcoming house guests. Ether three or four cousins will be visiting between now and Thanksgiving and staying here at different times. Well, two might come together. But that is a lot of house guests. I'll plan on lots of naps.

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