Sunday, September 28, 2008

All unorganized today

First it started with somehow the alarm clock was set and went off at weekday time. It is not supposed to be set on weekends so we can sleep. The cat decided that would be a good time to come stand on us as well. Then the cat left and we went back to sleep and ended up sleeping late for us. Without my glasses on (and before coffee - what was I thinking?) I tried to take my pills. Normally every week I fill in my weekly pill boxes so I can take them without thinking each day and dont spend half the day trying to remember if I took them.

However this weekend I forgot to fill the pill box so I was taking them out of the prescription bottles. I have two prescriptions that start with an L - one for stress and one for thyroid. I am supposed to take the thyroid one daily and the stress one only when I need it. Well I took the wrong one first. So now I will have no stress today - and possibly no ability to think coherently. Oh, well, I guess that means I can sit around and watch TV all day.

This morning I also tried to weigh myself with out my glasses on. I couldn't tell how much I weigh. I'll just call it too much. I used to be able to read the scale without glasses, which is why I am going to the eye doctor this week to get them checked out.

Otherwise, its just another rainy day. Yesterday was a rainy day too. I think it is supposed to stop raining Monday when we get to go back to work. How thoughtful.

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