Saturday, September 27, 2008

Plan C is the best option

Last night there was a presidential debate (in case you have been living under a rock and missed all the hooplah). Plan A was to have a presidential debate but then McCain introduced Plan B - the economy is more important than a debate so I may not go. Was this a publicity ploy or did he really think he should not take a night away from Washington to think about his campaign and hope to win the election? I am not sure but what ever his reasons, he almost did not go. And there was some stupid college student on TV yesterday saying essentially "I was going to vote for McCain but if he doesn't show up here, I'm not". Wow! I thought her intellect was overwhelming.

So all week long we teetered between Plan A and Plan B. My husband came home from work yesterday and I said we were back to Plan A, did he want to watch the debate together (a risky option when considering marital unity and harmony)? His response was 'can I throw things at the TV' if they get really stupid? Not that he would really throw things that the TV but he would probably verbally express his opinion of their overwhelming intellect during the debate. So at 9 pm I got nice and comfy to watch the debate. And Plan C occurred - I fell asleep. It was very peaceful and relaxing. Maybe the next debate will be a bit more stimulating and possibly really focus on foreign policy.

Yesterday was another exciting day in my life. I went to the gym, a meeting, and worked from home. The oil furnace man was due between 1 and 3 pm to clean out the furnace before winter. At 3 pm they called to say he was running late, so he arrived at 330 in such a punctual manner. Its a good thing I rescheduled my other appointment later in the day.

The other news is that I have discovered the source of the cat's mice. He scoops them up from under the screen door in the front entry. There is a mouse or paw sized gap (depending on you perspective) under the door. He spent all day yesterday waiting for a mouse to go running by in the rain. I am sure he will spend the next month (until it gets too cold for him) waiting for his mice to run by - this is definitely a different twist on dinner delivery.

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