Friday, September 5, 2008

Another fun time at the hospital

Yesterday I had my MRI. I arrived promptly and filled out my form (did not admit to having any shrapnel in my body - yes, they ask that for an MRI - and if you have ever worked with metal shavings, have any pins in your body, etc.) Then I got changed into their lovely gown and pajama pants - they didn't even match and were clearly one size fits lots of other people. We'll just say I was completely covered up and then some.

They got me set up in the machine and then the nurse went to put in the IV. I have weenie little veins and they have to use my right arm. She couldn't find a vein so she opted to use the back of my hand. I can just describe the pain as ready to jump off the table it was so bad. It did only hurt for a few minutes and she felt very guilty. It wasn't as bad as last year when the stupid tech at the ER spent 10 minutes digging around the back of my hand, but it was close. (There are some memories which don't really fade for a long time.)

Once again, I got to practice holding my breath. Inhale, let it out, and inhale and hold it, don't breathe... Probably 40 times. I couldn't even fit in a nice nap as I was too busy holding my breath. Afterwards, the nurse who put in the IV felt so bad, she had another one take it out. It did bleed all over the place but the pain was much less. Also, the IV nurse felt guilty so she said she would put the results in for stat reading so I should get them sooner.

Last night I went out to dinner with a former co-worker I haven't seen in over a year - prediagnosis. She admired my new hair and said I look 10 years younger. Hmmm... I am not sure I feel ten years younger but I'll take that compliment. It was nice to catch up.

Today is back to the real world. I have to go to work (the flood waters have finally receded at the school) and then work from home and do some volunteer work. I also have to deliver boxes to my friend's son at college. A busy day. I may not have time to play on the internet!!! EGAD! What will I do???

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