Monday, September 29, 2008

How do I feel?

Let's see. Its been 10 days since surgery. I have four lovely little incisions covered by my favorite steri strips. The pain is mostly gone. The sorest place is funnily right where my giant bruise is on the incision on my belly button - I wonder what they did to give me such a bruise! That hurts when I cough, sneeze, laugh, roll over in bed, try to sit up, carry things, and other random times. I still get tired but not too badly. Otherwise, I feel fine. The real test is will the steri strips hang on for a week until I see the surgeon next Monday or will they 'fall off' due to itchiness in the meantime? I also am no longer on pain medication so I don't suffer from 'percocet brain' any more and am back to my normal chemo brain.

I also tried going for a real walk yesterday. After surgery I didn't walk for two days, then started walking on the bike path, but driving down the steep hill so I didn't have to walk back up it. Then I went to the gym to the treadmill for two days because of rain. Yesterday, we went for a real walk on the bike path. I got Walter to go with me so that if I got tired he could go get the car (or some other logic) but it was fine. I did get a little tired in the end but today I shall resume my regular daily walks. Yesterday we also bought a bunch of bulbs - what was I thinking? Now I have to dig a million holes and plant them all.

I seem to be able to eat normal food mostly again. We had ice cream of the month delivered last week so unfortunately we have had ice cream for dessert regularly (which means the daily walks are more important). I am still being picky but my digestion doesn't seem to mind ice cream so far. (And I don't have to worry about gall bladder attacks any more which was the biggest fear when eating fatty foods.)

Today I will resume my normal schedule: walk, work from home, and go to work. Such an exciting life I lead. I only have doctor appointments two days this week - one follow up and one eye doctor. What else will I do with my time? Maybe work.

The cat on the other hand has seemed to have developed a single purpose in his life - wait for another stupid mouse to run by the front door so he can catch it. He spends all his time there waiting. At least I have a more exciting life than my cat.

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