Sunday, September 21, 2008

Things I hate about surgery

There are many things I hate about surgery:

1. Steri strips that itch inside gauze dressings
2. Pain from incisions
3. Constipation and other digestive ailments as a result of medications (sorry but if you are reading this you get to hear how I really feel)
4. Being tired
5. Steri strips that itch inside gauze dressings
6. No showers for 2 days
7. Inability to sleep due to discomfort
8. Waiting for pathology reports
9. Steri strips that itch inside gauze dressings

Last night I slept okay. Yesterday I watched a lot of TV. Today I am taking a shower and maybe a tiny walk. Otherwise, I will try to pretend I am not in pain and my stupid steri strips don't itch. (Do you really think they will last two more weeks????)

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Nancy said...

Caroline...Thank you so much for your blog. I had to go back to the very beginning to get your entire story!! I am just beginning this process myself. I've had a mastectomy, cath placement and tons and tons of tests. I'm waiting for chemo to begin. I know what you mean about the steri strips!!
Thank you again.

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