Sunday, September 7, 2008

My rule

I have a rule. You cannot have an ailment or a procedure without knowing how to pronounce and spell it. Its not gall bladder surgery its a Cholecystectomy. I don't know why they have a big name for it and can't just call it gall bladder surgery but that's why they went to medical school. I know an '-ectomy' takes out parts of you. I am not sure what the 'cholecyst' part comes from. But you pronounce it like this koh-luh-si-stek-tuh-mee (I can't write phonetically, I looked it up). After meeting with medical people this week, they all can say 'cholecsystectomy' really fast and easily. I am trying but keep forgetting the cyst part and think I say 'cholectectomy' which probably means something completely different - but I am trying. See all the medical crap is increasing my vocabulary (and knowledge of anatomy and bodily functions). Anyhow, if you go here you can even see a diagram and pictures with a description of what they will do. I am sure I will have much more to say on it later.

In the meantime, yesterday we had a little bitty hurricane scream on through. A lot of rain - we probably should not have left out the patio furniture cushions... But now my rainbarrel is full again (it was almost dry) and my plants are happy. While they are happy, I will go take their pictures and have more to post here and bore you all.

Today I am over scheduled (Moi? No!). I am meeting a friend for coffee or a walk (depending on our mood). then I have to zip home and go to a wedding. Unfortunatley Walter has army drill and can't attend so I am going solo but will know lots of people there. It should be a fun afternoon. But another long day and I will probably be all tired out by then. Today I decided I am not doing any work. I had been working seven days a week for someone or another. Today I am not. I dont have time but more importantly I DON'T WANT TO!

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