Saturday, September 6, 2008

We all stood up to cancer

Did you watch the special last night - "Stand Up 2 Cancer"? We did. We watched a lot of sound bites and saw some high powered celebrities put in their two cents. Now the show has the right idea I guess - raise money for restarting cancer research. I can agree with that. But a one hour show? How much can they raise? Then their phones got busy and they said you could call in anytime for the next week. Ummm... are they going to advertise their number because I didn't write it down. Or I guess I could go on line - but that is if I remember to do it. I have this little thing called chemo brain that makes it impossible for me to remember to do anything...

I did just check their website and they have a splash page up which is a donation form. I would have liked to see how much money they already raised. So yes I went on line but my credit card is downstairs so after I am done, I have to remember to go get my card and come back up stairs and then go back to their website and donate... Will I remember? Care to make a wager??? Or if I do call, I bet all the celebrities have gone home and back to their lives and I would get to speak to a rocket scientist at a phone bank somewhere. Call me a cynic but that's my mood these days.

Yesterday I worked in the morning and then volunteered at a Komen race sign up for the afternoon. It was actually nice to go be useful for a while for a good cause. Its a good thing the race is tomorrow because today we are having hurricane rains. (We were having a serious dry spell but I think its safe to say that the dry spell will be over after today.) Another good thing about the rain is that kitty (who thinks he is now an outdoor cat) does not want to be an outdoor cat today. He wants to stay inside where it is dry (and his little paws won't get damp).

Today, I have to do work. I had too much fun this week and didn't get enough work done so I need to work. I also want to go for a walk but its pouring out. Maybe it will let up. I don't mind walking in the rain if I am wearing a jacket with a hood and can come home and take a shower. Perhaps today would also be a good day to try on the dress I plan to wear to a wedding tomorrow to make sure it still fits, I can find my shoes and jewelry and all that organizational stuff. I may meet a friend for lunch as well. The only reason I am up so early on a rainy Saturday is Walter is off to reserve duty today and tomorrow and the alarm clock woke me up. Now I'll drink coffee, read the paper, and watch the news in bed with the cat.

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