Thursday, September 11, 2008

Its becoming very clear

I have no brain. I have no short term memory. I forget EVERYTHING. I am a spaceshot. I have chemobrain. This morning I was looking for the down comforter for our bed as the nights get colder (we could shut the window but we could also just add the comforter). I can't find it. The last time I remember seeing it, we took it to the dry cleaner last spring. DID WE EVER PICK IT UP? I have no idea. I am sure they long since gave it away if we didn't. But its not where it is supposed to be. I could have put it some place else but I can't remember. Our house isn't very big but there are lots of places it could be. How aggravating.

I also am trying to pack to go to Maine. Yes we are going to Maine for vacation and it is getting closer to winter there - temperature highs of 60. Not exactly beach weather - but it will be far away from home. I keep remembering things to put in my bag and then forgetting them and then remembering them again and then forgetting them. Some of them I have packed. Some of them I remembered long enough to write down so I'll pack them later. However they have stores in Maine so there aren't that many things I could forget that would be disastruous.

Between now and when we leave tomorrow morning I need to remember all the stuff I need to take, do work from home, pack, go to work, get my nails done, and something else that I can't remember. I am hopeless. That's it. A lost cause.

Yesterday I packed in stealth mode as we took the cat to my parents. If he thinks I am packing his stuff he hides because he hates the car. I gave him half of his dinner and then he wandered over to the front door so I shut him in the front entry way. Then we packed his stuff (litter box, dishes, lots of treats, cat toys, food, brush) and grabbed him and drove the whole four miles. You would think we were abandoning him. He was very upset. And we got there and I gave him the other half of his dinner and put his toys out on the floor where he could find them. And he was fine.

Today I will pack openly because he is no longer and issue and he can't shed on my clean clothes that I am packing. But off for my walk now.

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